InsurAcademy Program

InsurAcademy, founded by the Independent Insurance Agents of NC, will provide you with the necessary licensing education and hands-on career training to be “job ready” to work as a Customer Service Representative in an independent insurance agency.

IIANC is a non-profit association that has been serving the needs of independent insurance agents in North Carolina for nearly 125 years and knows the industry inside and out. We developed InsurAcademy because we want to help train the next generation of independent insurance agents and offer this great opportunity to those looking for a new career.

InsurAcademy’s high-quality and comprehensive curriculum covers a span of six weeks and features both live and on-demand virtual training, enabling you to pursue your new career as an independent insurance agency CSR while still maintaining some flexibility to accommodate your current work/life demands. Plus, because all of the training is done online through a state-of-the-art virtual learning platform, you can attend InsurAcademy from anywhere!

After graduation, you will receive job placement assistance and be guaranteed interviews with hiring independent insurance agencies in North Carolina. InsurAcademy graduates will also have access to an exclusive job board featuring agencies that are actively hiring for CSRs.

InsurAcademy provides students the best insurance educators in North Carolina. Our faculty brings a collective 200+ years of experience as insurance agents and trainers. The comprehensive education and training curriculum has been developed by IIANC’s professional development staff, which is recognized nationally as a premier provider of insurance education.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to start a career that will change your life for the better, apply for InsurAcademy today!

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March 14, 2022 at 5:00pm

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June 20, 2022 at 5:00pm

Curriculum & Schedule

InsurAcademy is offered quarterly, and each program runs for six consecutive weeks.

Currently, all components of the curriculum are offered online/virtually.

There may be periodic networking events that students will be encouraged to attend in order to meet and network with peers as well as veteran CSRs and others within the independent agency industry.

Stage 1 — Licensing

Weeks 1 – 2: Take the 40-hour NC Pre-Licensing Course, offered online with live, interactive instruction from 8:30am – 12:30pm, Monday-Friday. Upon completion, students will be prepared to take the NC State Property & Casualty Licensing Exams.

Weeks 3 – 4: Study for and take the Property & Casualty licensing exams at one of the nine licensing centers around the state as described in the NC Insurance Candidate Licensing Guide.

Stage 2 — Vocational Training & Certification

Weeks 5 – 6: Specialized, vocational training offered online in a combination of live and on-demand courses which will prepare students for work as a CSR in an independent insurance agency (includes more advanced insurance coverage education, training on agency management systems and comparative raters, experience completing ACORD forms, soft skills related to customer service, email and business etiquette, phone skills, and more).

Students will complete one final step in their journey to become a CSR through validation/testing of the practical skills learned by participating in valuable role play as a CSR in a test agency. Upon successful completion of this final step, InsurAcademy students will graduate as an “IIANC Certified CSR”.

Stage 3 — Professional Development Plan

Graduates also receive a 12-month professional development / continuing education plan from IIANC to ensure continued learning and CE compliance during their career.

Stage 4 — Job Placement

Now is a great time to find a position in an independent insurance agency due to the large number of CSRs retiring and many agencies being in growth mode and adding positions to their staff.

Upon successfully completing the InsurAcademy program and securing the necessary insurance licenses, all students will be guaranteed at least one interview with an independent insurance agency in North Carolina.

Students will also have access to an exclusive job board featuring agencies that are actively hiring for CSRs and wish to interview InsurAcademy graduates.

Schedule & Dates of Upcoming Programs

InsurAcademy programs will be held quarterly in 2022. Each program runs for six consecutive weeks. Apply now and reserve your spot in one of these upcoming programs:

May 9 – June 17, 2022

June 20-24, 2022 (one week only; in-person in Cary, NC)

July 11 – August 19, 2022

October 10 – November 18, 2022

Cost to Attend

The tuition fee for InsurAcademy is valued at $1,500 but thanks to scholarship opportunities from the IIANC Education Foundation, students accepted into InsurAcademy through our application process can attend FOR FREE.

The only expenses incurred by students will be the North Carolina licensing application/fingerprint/exam fees. NC licensing fees are $187, fingerprint fees range from $10-$20, and the exam fees are $45 for each attempt of the two exams required (required to take Property Exam and Casualty Exam which cost $45 each).

However, upon successfully passing of both exams, InsurAcademy will reimburse students $90 for the exam fees.

IIANC member agencies interested in sending current staff or new hires through InsurAcademy should email for pricing and details.

Requirements to Attend

• Must be 18 years or older and have a high school diploma.

• Must have reliable computer and Internet access.

• Must be able to commit a minimum of four hours/day Monday-Friday for a combination of on-demand and scheduled learning sessions (will take place between the hours of 8:30am – 12:30pm). You will also need to commit additional time to study the materials covered during the on-demand and scheduled learning sessions.

• Review the NC licensing requirements to ensure that you are qualified to become a licensed insurance producer: 

— Applicant must be 18 years old or older as determined from the applicant’s Date of Birth.

— Applicants accepted into InsurAcademy will need to complete an insurance licensure application to the North Carolina Department of Insurance following the process outlined in the NC Insurance Candidate Licensing Guide and submit fingerprints for a criminal history background check.

— The Department must receive and review the application, the criminal history background record, and supporting documentation from any background or screening questions with a yes response for licensure decision. 


InsurAcademy students will learn from the best insurance educators in North Carolina and the industry. Our faculty brings a collective 200+ years of experience as both insurance agents and trainers. The comprehensive education and training curriculum has been developed by the professional development staff of the Independent Insurance Agents of NC which is recognized nationally as a premier provider of insurance education

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