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Looking for a career that offers job stability, strong income potential, great work culture, and the opportunity to make a difference?

If so, then a career as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) may be for you!

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Live & on-demand virtual training so you can attend from anywhere and maintain current schedule.

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Thanks to scholarship opportunities, tuition is covered for students accepted into the program.

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Graduates are guaranteed a job interview and will receive assistance with job placement.

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Agencies are growing their teams to serve their clients’ needs. Nearly 1,000 Trusted Choice® independent insurance agencies are located across North Carolina and many are looking to hire new CSRs. Why? Because of a retiring workforce and the rapid growth of the insurance industry.

How do you get started? In just six weeks, InsurAcademy will provide you with the necessary licensing education and career training to be “job ready.” With these skills, you will be well on your way to join an independent insurance agency as a Customer Service Representative (CSR).

A rock solid industry with multiple career benefits.

A Growing Field

With Unlimited Benefits

The insurance industry offers a huge opportunity for employment and career advancement. Plus, the industry continues to evolve and provide new career paths in customer service, sales, analytics, marketing, technology, and much more. (Source:

Job Security

With Job Stability & a Future You’re Looking Forward To

Things change but the insurance industry has stood the test of time. People will always need it for their car, home, business, travel and more. The insurance industry touches all aspects of life – and that will not change – so a job as a CSR brings career stability. (Source:


With Work-Life Balance

Insurance can give you a highly rewarding career and well-rounded life with a career that is not only fulfilling but may offer flexible schedules and great office culture. In a U.S News and World Report article featuring ‘Best Jobs of 2021,’ Insurance Agent ranked #2 on their ‘Sales & Marketing Jobs’ list. (Source:

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