Licensing & Training for Your Agency's Future Account Managers

Whether you have a prospective candidate in mind, or are looking to upskill or reskill your workforce into an Account Manager role, InsurAcademy is for you!

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Insurance Licensing

Live & on-demand virtual training so you can attend from anywhere and maintain current schedule.

Account Manager Certification

Become a licensed insurance professional in North Carolina and start your future now.

Learning & Development

Graduates are guaranteed a job interview and will receive assistance with job placement.

Attracting & Retaining Qualified Staff at

Your Agency is Challenging

and when you don't have qualified staff...

✓ Your team feels overworked

✓ Your culture & morale is low

✓ Your quality & service is subpar

The Solution: InsurAcademy's 6-Week Licensing & Career Training Program For Future

CSRs in Your Agency

all candidates get the opportunity to:

✓ Earn their North Carolina Insurance License

✓ Receive CSR Training & Certification

✓ Participate in a 12-Month Professional

Development/Continuing ED Plan

Whether you’re considering a potential Account Manager candidate for hire, or you’re looking to

upskill or reskill a current employee for a Account Manager role, this program is for you.


To enroll current employees there will be a $350 investment fee that will be used

as a credit for further professional development upon completion of the program.

Enroll Your Team in an Upcoming Session:


Enroll Your Employee Schedule a short

15-minute call with CJ


Attend InsurAcademy

Spend 6-weeks learning from our instructors


Get a Fully Licensed Account Manager

Graduate job-ready

Your Investment

InsurAcademy is another fantastic IIANC member benefit. You can send your new

hires into the program at NO COST to your agency. Simply pay the initial enrollment

fee of $350, and upon your employee's completion, receive a $350 credit

to be used towards his/her future professional development at IIANC.

Meet CJ

Insurance Licensing Specialist



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the enrollment process?

There are three phases to the enrollment process:

  1. Schedule a 15-minute meeting with CJ (click here), who will go over the program and requirements in more detail with you.
  2. Complete the InsurAcademy application and assessments for student tracking purposes.
  3. Complete our on-boarding process and put down a $350 deposit that will be used for professional development after completion of the program.
What will it cost me?

Agencies will need to put down a $350 deposit upfront in the application/registration process.


When the employee completes Stages I and II, the agency will be able to use that deposit as a $350 professional development credit for their

InsurAcademy Graduate to use in their professional development plan/onboarding.

How long will it take me?

All InsurAcademy students must commit to completing both Stage 1 and 2, which takes six weeks.


If you only want to be licensed, which is our Stage 1 program, we

recommend they complete IIANC's regular PLE program. You can find more information about this program on our IIANC website.

Is this program in person?

No, InsurAcademy uses a virtual learning platform featuring a combination of live and on-demand training which means as long as you have a computer and Internet access, you can attend from anywhere!

Does my new employee need to take the math/verbal assessments typically required by InsurAcademy?

Agency employees do not need a qualifying score on the math/verbal

assessment in order to attend InsurAcademy. We only ask that you

complete this application for student tracking purposes, but it will not

have any impact on your enrollment in the program.

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