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Are you looking for a career that offers job stability, strong income potential, great work culture, and the opportunity to make a difference? If so, then a career as an Account Manager in an independent insurance agency may be for you!

Nearly 1,000 Trusted Choice® independent insurance agencies are located across North Carolina and many are looking to hire new Account Managers either because of a retiring workforce or because insurance is a rapidly growing field and agencies are adding to their staff. In fact, over the next five years, there will be more than 400,000 job openings in the insurance industry across the U.S.! And a career in insurance offers job stability…insurance will always be needed for homes, cars, businesses and more, and Account Managers are essential to providing that coverage for the public.

InsurAcademy, founded by the Independent Insurance Agents of NC, will provide you with the necessary licensing education and hands-on career training to be “job ready” to work as an Account Manager in one of these independent insurance agencies immediately after graduation.


Frequently asked questions about the insurance industry —

What is an Account Manager?

An Account Manager may also be known as a “customer service representative”. This integral role in an insurance agency is on the front lines with helping customers by providing support for insurance questions, policy changes, renewals, and billing questions. The Account Manager works from within the agency to help clients with existing accounts and also works directly with the insurance carriers to quote and bind insurance policies.

What is an independent insurance agency?

Independent insurance agencies are different from other types of insurance agencies (commonly known as captive agencies) because they are not tied to only one insurance carrier and can represent many companies. This means that they can explore more coverage options for their customers to match them with the best insurance company, coverage and price. Independent insurance agencies are small businesses owners located in communities all across North Carolina.

What makes a great Account Manager?

Successful Account Managers possess a unique combination of traits that help them provide great service, be empathetic when a customer is dealing with a crisis, and also juggle many deadlines and tasks.

• Great social and communication skills

• Ability to organize lots of details

• Influences customers buying decisions

• Assists clients and resolve conflicts

• Enjoys helping others

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