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Insurance Skills & Career Choice

What is Career Choice?

Career Choice is an innovative Amazon program designed to up-skill Amazon employees who are interested in pursuing a future outside of Amazon. By partnering with InsurAcademy to deliver training for high-demand careers, Amazon offers eligible employees the tools they need to pursue their aspirations.  

The educators in the Amazon Career Choice Partner Network provide associates with high-quality, supportive educational experiences that lead to new career opportunities outside of Amazon. Together, we are dedicated to providing education that is affordable, aligned with industry demand, and tailored to meet the unique learning needs of working adults. We are proud to join forces with these local, national, and global partners. 

Space is limited and ‘Career Choice’ vouchers are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. The deadline to apply is February 20th.

Most employees are eligible to apply after one continuous year of full-time employment with amazon. If eligible, you can apply up to 90 days before your one-year anniversary. 

Eligibility requirements may vary based on whether you are part-time, full-time, hourly or salaried.  

To get a ‘Career Choice” Voucher:  

  • Visit  
  • Verify your balance of $3,000  
  • Select Apply for Tuition Assistance  
  • Class starts on February 27th
  • 5 week program held virtually on Tuesdays from 12:30pm - 4:30pm EST
  • Last class is March 26th

About Us

There's a spot for you in the insurance industry!

Insurance is there to protect the things that are important and valuable to others. Everyone you know has insurance for one thing or another, so not only will you be working in an area that’s interesting to you, but you will also have the opportunity to help your community and loved ones. 

Jobs in this industry are not only readily available but are being created every single day. It is forecasted that 400,000 jobs will be opening in the insurance industry over the next five years due to a retiring workforce and industry boom. There is LOTS of earning potential with insurance, and we want to help you find your place so your career can flourish!  


History of InsurAcademy  

InsurAcademy was created by the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina (IIANC), which is an association of independent insurance agencies across North Carolina. This program was created with the intent of bringing people looking for a career change into the industry job-ready.  

During our program, you will gain the knowledge needed to be successful as an Insurance Customer Relationship Professional with a large insurance carrier or in a local independent agent in your community. Some of the topics covered during our academy will be business communication skills, technical skills, client relationship building, interviewing skills, common forms training, and more! 

Our main goal is to get you prepared and into a job that you will love for the rest of your career. We know it’s scary to start a new career in an unfamiliar industry, but we promise this isn’t too good to be true. Come join us for your new career adventure!  

Apply Now

Career Choice is an innovative Amazon program designed to encourage employees to pursue a career with a future outside of Amazon. We want to help you pursue your aspirations and place you into a high demand career you will love.

The deadline to apply for our upcoming academy is February 20th!

At the end of our program, you will be job-ready to enter the insurance industry. We can’t wait to help you through this process.  

If you have any question or need additional information, please contact CJ Hennighausen at and be sure to mention you are with Career Choice!